Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian?

There is a great misunderstanding of the purpose of music in Christian worship. Many Christians tend to grant music a sacramental power which Scripture never bestows upon it.


"Music and “the worship experience” are viewed as means by which we enter the presence of God and receive his saving benefits. There is simply no evidence whatsoever in Scripture that music mediates direct encounters or experiences with God. This is a common pagan notion. It is far from Christian."


In many Churches and Christian gatherings it is not unusual for God’s Word to be shortchanged. Music gives people the elusive “liver quiver” while the Bible is more mundane. Pulpits have shrunk and even disappeared while bands and lighting have grown. But faith does not come from music, dynamic experiences, or supposed encounters with God. Faith is birthed through the proclamation of God’s Word (Rom 10:17).


Church services have become Christian concert venues rather than a place where the word of God is proclaimed and expounded upon and lived out with assurance and reverence.


We want to be entertained and not changed. We want to feel good and not actually be good. We desire to have an emotional encounter rather than a spiritual one. We wish to be comforted rather than confronted.  We want to have a passive relationship with Christ rather than a committed one.

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